Get your report with meaningful metrics

We analyze your institution papers, group them by topics, detect notable articles and find consortiums.

Screenshot of an interactive report

Get interactive dashboard with objective metrics

  • Evaluate researchers performance in the context of their fields
  • Group people by their topics and discover trends in their research
  • Compare current results with past performance
  • Analyze effectiveness of workshops and conferences

No more manual compiling of reports and publication lists

Our custom AI-system will find articles by your organization in our collection of 100M+ documents, compute performance metrics, identify research topics and put them into perspective by comparing with peers.

We also can easily enrich the data by connecting with additional data sources.

Notable articles

Citations habits are different in different fields. As specialized articles may not be highly cited, we used another method to determine the impact — comparison of the citation rate with semantically similar articles.

Thus, an article that got 100 citations in 2 years is more notable than the other one within the same topic that got 300 citations in 10 years.

Original articles

Automatically identified articles that started a new research direction, introduced a new concept or made a sizeable early contribution to a topic.

Connect groups that work on the same topic

In large research organizations different groups often work on similar topics without knowing of each other. By putting all groups "on the map" of global topics such similarities become obvious. Then you can make them aware of each other to increase efficiency of their research.

Demonstrate strong sides of your research

Present your organization with uncovered trends, facts and consortiums.